Tax affects every person and business at all stages of the life cycle.  Increased activity by the Australian Tax Office and State revenue offices means that taxpayers need to be well advised and well prepared to ensure tax does not get in the way of business and personal aspirations and goals. 


We provide tax planning and ongoing tax legal advice in the following areas:

  • Income tax

  • Capital gains tax

  • International tax

  • Goods and services tax

  • State taxes – stamp duty, land tax and payroll tax



We provide Australian tax legal advice to both inbound and outbound businesses and high net worth family groups including:

  • Non-residents moving to Australia

  • Non-residents doing business, or investing, in Australia

  • Residents with international structures, assets and income

  • Residents doing business, or investing, overseas



Sophisticated data collection and information exchange by tax authorities, both in Australia and internationally, means that there is an ever-increasing risk of review and audit. 


We are experienced in dealing with the Australian Tax Office and State revenue offices.  We advise clients on disputes with the tax authorities concerning income tax, GST and stamp duty issues, often with an international aspect. 


We engage in alternative dispute resolution and pre-litigation settlements, if appropriate.



We advise on all aspects of trusts law in Australia including:

  • Taxation of trusts – for example, resident trusts with resident and non-resident beneficiaries and controllers and taxation of non-resident trusts

  • Testamentary trusts and estate planning

  • Special disability trusts

  • Philanthropic trusts, private ancillary funds and foundations

  • Trustee duties, powers and obligations

  • International asset protection strategies



At the heart of every great business, is a well-planned business structure – one flexible enough to facilitate and enable the business to reach the next level of growth, yet protects the value and wealth that business owners have worked hard to build.



Evora Legal’s Director, Jennifer Yeo is the founder of Evora Consulting, a legal engagement consultancy.  This service is valuable for clients who:

  • have complex legal needs serviced by multiple lawyers in multiple firms, often in Australia and internationally

  • don’t know which lawyers to use or the specialists that they need

  • have received confusing or uncommercial advice or

  • have been burnt by fees and “scope creep”.