EVORA Legal Launches

After practising for 12 years in a number of legal positions, ranging from top tier, international firms to boutique firms, I am proud to announce the launch of my own brand for legal services: EVORA Legal.

EVORA is a play on the word: evolution. Legal service providers must, in this day and age, constantly evolve and adapt to the changing demands of clients. The ways of traditional law firms no longer work. We are excited to seize this new opportunity to provide our clients with a better way of doing business that is tailored to each client.

What can you expect of EVORA Legal? Technical tax advice which is always practical, timely and commercial, strategic legal advice for both businesses and individuals, tailored billing arrangements (so you pay for what you need and nothing you don't) and connections to an experienced professional international network to deal with any business or legal need that our clients have.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or just to catch up for a coffee.

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